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Warehouse Facility

Shop Now Network Warehouse Facility

Tennessee Wallpaper Warehouse Facility

Our warehouse facility at Shop Now Network is a spacious and well-organized space, covering an impressive area of over 4000 square feet. The large size allows for efficient storage and handling of a wide range of products. It is centrally located in Chattanooga, Tennessee in order to provide fast and efficient shipping to all zones of the United States.

Our warehouse has an advanced computerized shipping interface that is seamlessly integrated with all major online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, and our own websites. This integration enables seamless order processing, real-time inventory updates, and automatic syncing of product listings, making it easy to manage and fulfill orders from multiple platforms.

The warehouse is also connected to major shoppers and customers through various channels, including loyalty programs and partnerships with other businesses. This helps attract a larger customer base and fosters strong relationships with repeat buyers.

To provide the best customer experience, our facility offers discounted shipping rates, ensuring competitive and cost-effective shipping solutions for both you and your customers. These discounted rates might be the result of partnerships with shipping carriers or the ability to negotiate bulk shipping deals due to the volume of orders processed through the facility.

Efficiency is a top priority in your warehouse, and to achieve this, the facility is optimized for same-day shipping and order fulfillment. The layout and organization of products are carefully designed to minimize order processing time. The use of automation and streamlined logistics ensures that orders can be picked, packed, and shipped quickly and accurately.

The warehouse is staffed with a dedicated and well-trained team, who work diligently to manage incoming orders, handle inventory, and maintain the facility’s smooth operation. Regular training and continuous improvement initiatives ensure that the workforce remains up-to-date with the latest industry practices and technologies.

Overall, our warehouse facility is a highly efficient and customer concentric operation, equipped with cutting-edge technology and a skilled workforce, all working in harmony to offer an exceptional shipping and fulfillment experience for our customers.

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